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2020 Jul 8 - 8:43pm
By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 8, 2020 The Kateri Peace Conference, which has been held in upstate New York for 22 years, will be held online this year, allowing anyone in the world who can get online to attend and hear from and speak with such wonderful U.S. peace activists — (Hey, World, did you know the U.S. had peace activists?) — as Steve Breyman, John Amidon, Maureen Beillargeon Aumand, Medea Benjamin, Kristin...
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2020 Jul 8 - 7:07pm
July 4, 2020 Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper Department of Defense Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer Department of the Navy Nora Macariola-See Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific 258 Makalapa Drive, Suite 100 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 96860-3134 Re: Mariana Islands Training and Testing Final Supplemental EIS/OEIS Public Comment Dear Secretaries Esper and Spencer and Ms. Macariola-See: We are a broad group of scholars, military...
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2020 Jul 8 - 1:49am
By World BEYOND War, July 7, 2020 Watch the video here. The post Video: David Swanson on Drop the MIC Live! With Sen. Nina Turner appeared first on World Beyond War . . ..
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2020 Jul 8 - 12:51am
By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 7, 2020 This week on Talk Nation Radio: Why is much of what many people believe about the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki not true? And how did Hollywood help get various myths started? Our guest is Greg Mitchell, author of numerous books, whose latest is called The Beginning or the End: How Hollywood — and America — Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Total run time: 29:00...
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2020 Jul 7 - 7:33pm
By Nicolas J S Davies, July 7, 2020 When President Clinton dropped 23,000 bombs on what was left of Yugoslavia in 1999 and NATO invaded and occupied the Yugoslav province of Kosovo, U.S. officials presented the war to the American public as a “humanitarian intervention” to protect Kosovo’s majority ethnic Albanian population from genocide at the hands of Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic. That narrative has been unraveling piece by piece...
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2020 Jul 6 - 8:44pm
By Joshua Cho, July 5, 2020 From FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) “In order to eliminate the nuclear threats from the US, the DPRK government has made all possible efforts, either through dialogue or in resort to the international law, but all ended in a vain effort…. The only option left was to counter nuke with nuke.” Does this statement made by the North Korean government sound like a threat to launch a nuclear strike on...
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2020 Jul 6 - 8:23pm
By Vermont International Film Festival, July 6, 2020 Join us for this series of discussions of films!  We recommend that you view each film ahead of time, and each title below has information about how to view it online – they are either available for free or for very low cost. Then you can join us for the live (virtual) discussions. Register HERE to receive a link to all the post screening discussions. Watch Dr. John Reuwer’s introduction...
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2020 Jul 6 - 8:10am
By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, July 2, 2020 DICTATOR’S DOEKS Grandma’s sweat bathes the statehouse tarmacs, Poverty shaved fathers are the glitter that replaced floodlights and stolen lampposts Brother is the anointed fisherman catching political breams for the presidential roast Ideological tutored memes sing praise anthems………..patronized Singing praises to the republic’s red-carpet ……..they never stepped on...
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2020 Jul 5 - 8:21pm
  By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, July 5, 2020 The habitability of the earth and the viability of lesser evilism are on the ropes, and incrementalism is thriving even in the current moment of increased activism for radical change.  Just take a look at the new “Climate Crisis Action Plan” from the Democratic Party’s Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. The big goal for the next decade is to — brace yourself, don’t be staggered...
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2020 Jul 5 - 7:12am
By World BEYOND War, July 4, 2020 Call hosted in Iran by World BEYOND War Board Member Foad Izadi: The post Video: Ajamu Baraka on Race and International Relations appeared first on World Beyond War . . ..
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2020 Jun 25 - 6:37pm
By Robert C. Koehler, June 24, 2020 From Common Wonders Maybe Seattle’s CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupation Protest) won’t last, but something is changing. Our national groupthink, as maintained with such stalwart certainty over the last half century by centrist politics and the mainstream media, seems to be crumbling before our very eyes. And as the groupthink crumbles, a larger awareness opens. Progressive thinking is finding its way back...
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2020 Jun 23 - 9:16pm
By Lynda Williams, June 20, 2020 From Honolulu Civil Beat After more than a year of meetings with neighborhood boards and local Native Hawaiian groups, the Missile Defense Agency effectively cancelled the proposed Homeland Defense Radar for Hawaii by not funding it in the 2021 Pentagon budget, the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA. In addition to facing fierce local protest, MDA cancelled the $2 billion-dollar HDR-H discrimination...
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