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2020 Feb 18 - 3:20pm
Tyee, The (BC, Canada)
How COVID-19 could alter Canada’s oil and gas industry, tourism, education, and public health.  Related StoriesFake News Goes Coronaviral (in Analysis)British Columbia Poses Big Tests for Trudeau 2.0 (in Analysis)Coronavirus: What We Mean When We Say ‘Pandemic’ (in Analysis)
2020 Feb 18 - 3:10pm
Tyee, The (BC, Canada)
A bold, informed about-face from Stephen Harper’s former drug policy advisor.  Related StoriesThe NDP’s Slow Rise, and Why the Liberals and Conservatives Can’t Both Survive (in Culture)Strapping in for the Big Crash with Chris Hedges (in Culture)‘The Millennials Who Elected Trudeau Can Also Boot Him Out’ (in Culture)
2020 Feb 18 - 10:57am
Global Research
O “Orçamento para o futuro da América”, apresentado pelo Governo dos EUA, mostra quais são as prioridades da Administração Trump no orçamento federal para o ano fiscal de 2021 (que inicia em 1º de Outubro deste ano). Antes de tudo, … The post O futuro da América cada vez mais armado appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 10:51am
Global Research
Il «Budget per il futuro dell’America», presentato dal Governo Usa, mostra quali sono le priorità dell’Amministrazione Trump nel bilancio federale per l’anno fiscale 2021 (che inizia il 1° ottobre di quest’anno). Anzitutto ridurre le spese sociali: ad esempio, essa taglia … The post Il futuro dell’America sempre più armato appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 9:51am
APTN News (Canada)
APTN previously reported Kanina Sue Turtle, left, Courtney Scott and Amy Owen died within six months of each other connected to the on-reserve child welfare system between October 2016 and April 2017. They were just a few of the 102 Indigenous children connected to child welfare that died in the five years between 2013 to 2017. Kenneth Jackson APTN News The federal government is working to develop a system that tracks the number of First...
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2020 Feb 18 - 8:08am
Global Research
Kill the Culture, Destroy a Nation By Timothy Alexander Guzman, February 17, 2020 Just last month, if you remember, U.S. President Donald Trump had threatened Iran in a barrage of tweets that his regime “have targeted 52 Iranian sites … The post Selected Articles: America “Down the Rabbit Hole” appeared first on Global Research.
2020 Feb 18 - 8:06am
Global Research
After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein spent six months looking at the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold War years. His 25,000-word cover story, published in Rolling Stone on October 20, 1977, is … The post The CIA and the Media appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 8:04am
Global Research
There is no doubt about the fundamental importance of the gas flow for the European energy balance. There is even less doubt about Russia’s role in this process. Western Europe is not self-sufficient in producing gas, depending on its import. … The post Nord Stream 2: Why Ukraine and Poland Are Against It appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 7:53am
Global Research
We oppose and reject the US-Israeli peace plan, or the so-called “deal of the century”, for many political, economic, social and religious reasons. It is rejected due to new signs that it will impede progress on the water issue between … The post ‘The Deal of the Century’ and Its Hidden Secrets appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 7:51am
Global Research
A number of test kits sent out by United States health authorities to labs across the country to diagnose the deadly novel coronavirus are faulty, a senior official said on Wednesday (Feb 12). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention … The post US Health Authority Shipped Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits Across Country: Official appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 7:49am
Global Research
A fantasy democracy, never the real thing, Americans get the best rule of privileged interests money can buy… Bloomberg’s billions give him a significant edge only money can buy. Forbes ranked him 9th among the world’s richest individuals, estimating his … The post Billionaire Bloomberg Aims to “Buy the US Presidency” appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 7:46am
Global Research
I do have better things to do with my time but after reading Humanity Crew’s report of its 5 day visit to Samos in January 2020, I am angry enough to write this open letter. From the beginning to the … The post Greek Islands Refugee Crisis: An Open Letter to Humanity Crew appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 7:35am
Bartlett, Eva Karene
In December 2016, the Syrian Arab Army, Russia & allies liberated the northern Syrian city of Aleppo of the al-Qaeda and equally-heinous terrorists who had occupied and terrorized civilians in the city since 2012. In the years subsequent, Aleppo to a large degree returned to peace, with rebuilding occurring in the hard-hit Old City, with displaced Syrians returning (contrary to the lies of UK Channel 4, among other war propagandizing...
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2020 Feb 18 - 6:33am
Global Research
The world is waiting anxiously to see whether the U.S. and Afghan governments and the Taliban will agree to a one-week truce that could set the stage for a “permanent and comprehensive” ceasefire and the withdrawal of U.S. and other … The post Afghan Troops Say Taliban Are Brothers and War Is “Not Really Our Fight.” appeared first on Global Research.
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2020 Feb 18 - 6:31am
Global Research
Against all odds, and in the very difficult weather conditions the SAA cleaned all of Jamiyat Zahraa western Aleppo after taking control of the Llayramon and cleaned the two cities of Hreitan and Anadan in Aleppo’s northwestern countryside. Hayyan, Bayanon, … The post Syrian Forces Secure Aleppo City Completely appeared first on Global Research.
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