Engler, Yves

2020 Oct 19 - 6:36pm
Canadian law makes it illegal to recruit soldiers for a foreign state. But, the line between enticing impressionable young people to oppress Palestinians and formal recruitment is unclear. Today an open letter signed by Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters, filmmaker Ken … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, Israel lobby, Bialik Hebrew Day School, Bnei Akiva school, Leo Baeck School, Netivot HaTorah
2020 Oct 18 - 12:52am
Should antiwar forces challenge power or praise government officials in the hopes of getting some crumbs for their pet issue? Douglas Roche’s recent Hill Times column suggests the latter. In an article extolling Canada’s new ambassador to the UN Roche … Continue reading →
Tags: Justin Trudeau, Military, Bob Rae, Douglas Roche
2020 Oct 14 - 10:14pm
Which is more believable as motivation to send soldiers to other countries, altruism or self-interest? Canadian forces don’t train their African counterparts out of a commitment to professionalism or democracy but to extend this country’s influence. Recently the Ottawa Citizen … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Africa, Military, Exercise Flintlock, Kwame Nkrumah, Military Training Assistance Program
2020 Oct 8 - 1:14am
Is it appropriate for the Canadian government to promote arms exports? And why, with its love of scandal does the dominant media not question this use of taxpayers’ dollars? In recent days there’s been significant attention devoted to Canadian arms … Continue reading →
Tags: Military
2020 Oct 3 - 3:04am
How much is too much? When will Israeli nationalists in North America completely discredit themselves by overusing their power to crush those defending Palestinians? The ruthlessness of the Israel lobby is remarkable. Recently they’ve convinced Zoom to cancel a university … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, Israel lobby
2020 Sep 29 - 4:35am
In a recent commentary Georgia Straight editor Charlie Smith suggested Green Party candidates’ path to victory was to question Canada’s “One China” policy. According to Smith, the candidates “missed an opportunity to win over the large number of Canadians who … Continue reading →
Tags: China, green party
2020 Sep 24 - 1:30am
Stephen Lewis seems to want Palestine to disappear. The latest example in a long history of anti-Palestinian activism is his claim that Canada’s anti-Palestinian voting record at the UN didn’t contribute to its defeat for a seat on the Security … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada and Israel, israel, NDP
2020 Sep 15 - 3:42am
Reflecting an extreme imbalance in power, people in Guyana are well informed about Canadian activity in their country, but our media seldom mentions the Caribbean country of 800,000. As such, it was good to see the CBC and Calgary Herald … Continue reading →
Tags: Latin America, Alcan, Alison Redford, Royal Bank
2020 Sep 10 - 11:47pm
The revelation that Canadian soldiers have been in Saudi Arabia for 17 years highlights Canada’s ties to the repressive monarchy, contribution to the Iraq war and hollowness of Canadian foreign policy mythology. Recently researcher Anthony Fenton tweeted, “raise your hand … Continue reading →
Tags: Middle East, High Wire, Jean Chrétien
2020 Sep 5 - 2:14am
An important component of Trudeau’s international branding has been his government’s purported “feminist foreign policy”. A recent aid contract to Haiti highlights the hollowness of these Liberal claims. Under its Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) the Trudeau government has tendered … Continue reading →
Tags: Canada in Haiti, Haiti, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Feminist International Assistance Policy, Jovenel Moïse
2020 Sep 2 - 2:26am
Debate is the lifeblood of democracy and a good one is fun to watch or listen to. Hopefully an upcoming Green Party debate will accomplish that while simultaneously strengthening progressives’ foreign policy expectations and infrastructure. On September 10, Rabble and … Continue reading →
Tags: Activism, green party, Amita Kuttner, Andrew West, Dimitri Lascaris, Elizabeth May
2020 Aug 31 - 9:23am
Canada is supporting US efforts to overthrow Nicaragua’s government. A recently leaked USAID document highlights “the breadth and complexity of the US government’s plan to interfere in Nicaragua’s internal affairs up to and after its presidential election in 2021.” The … Continue reading →
Tags: Justin Trudeau, Latin America, Chrystia Freeland, Hugh Adsett