Bartlett, Eva Karene

2020 Oct 22 - 10:50am
Anya Parampil speaks with journalist Ollie Vargas in La Paz, Bolivia about the historic victory of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party in the October 18 elections. Video by Ben Norton Parampil and Vargas discuss the role of Bolivia’s social movements in overturning the coup regime that came to power in 2019, as well as the expectations of average people as the new government of Luis Arce takes power. The post How Bolivia fights...
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2020 Oct 21 - 12:50am
Noam Chomsky says that the OPCW’s cover-up, under US pressure, of a Syria chemical weapons probe raises “very severe suspicions.” In his first public comments on the OPCW’s Syria cover-up scandal, Noam Chomsky criticizes the chemical watchdog for suppressing, under US pressure, evidence that undermined the pretext for the US-led bombing of Syria in April 2018. The censorship recently extended to the UN Security Council,...
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2020 Oct 21 - 12:29am
Noam Chomsky warns that the Trump administration poses a unique threat to humanity, and its most reckless policies are receiving far too little attention. Noam Chomsky discusses the White House’s threats to the New START treaty, the last remaining accord limiting the US and Russia’s nuclear weapons arsenals; its latest round of crippling sanctions and threats against Iran; the bipartisan US refusal to accept a Middle East Nuclear-...
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2020 Oct 18 - 10:03pm
Exclusive: former OPCW chief José Bustani defends the whistleblowers who challenged a cover-up of their Syria probe; reacts to the US and allies recently blocking his UN testimony; and reveals he was spied on before the Bush administration ousted him over the Iraq war. In a Grayzone exclusive, José Bustani, the former head of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, speaks out in support of two veteran OPCW inspectors who...
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2020 Oct 18 - 10:02am
Hours before polls opened in Bolivia, de facto Interior Minister Arturo Murillo launched a massive military show of force, praising security forces for removing “dictator” Evo Morales from power in 2019. Max Blumenthal reports from the capital La Paz Video by Ben Norton The post Bolivia militarizes on election eve: Dispatch from the capital La Paz appeared first on The Grayzone.
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2020 Oct 18 - 12:36am
El gobierno transicional y no electo de Bolivia repetidamente ha amenazado a los observadores internacionales de los comicios, ha detenido a monitores argentinos en el aeropuerto, y publicado la información privada de los supervisores españoles mediante un activista de ultraderecha. Por Benjamín Norton Traducido por Diego Sequera You can read this article in English here. LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – En vísperas de las primeras elecciones en Bolivia...
Tags: bolivia, Español, Alejandro Entrambasaguas, Argentina, Arturo Murillo, Okdiario
2020 Oct 17 - 10:59am
Bolivia’s unelected transitional administration has repeatedly threatened international electoral observers, detained monitors from Argentina in the airport, and shared the private information of Spanish supervisors with a far-right activist. By Ben Norton Puedes leer este artículo en español aquí. LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – On the eve of Bolivia’s first election since a violent November 2019 military takeover that removed President Evo...
Tags: bolivia, Alberto Fernandez, Alejandro Entrambasaguas, Argentina, Arturo Murillo, codepink
2020 Oct 16 - 5:20am
We entered the power base of Bolivia’s far-right, Santa Cruz, where the 2019 coup was hatched, and where the country’s elite seeks to consolidate its hold on power in the election this October 18. Anya Parampil filed this dispatch with Max Blumenthal. Video by Ben Norton The post Inside Bolivia’s right-wing base on eve of election appeared first on The Grayzone.
Tags: bolivia, Carlos Mesa, Luis Fernando Camacho, Santa Cruz
2020 Oct 15 - 11:55pm
By the time a team of electoral observers arrived in Bolivia – including members of The Grayzone – right-wingers had already published a flood of online threats, smearing them as “terrorists” and circulating photos captured while stalking them in the airport. By Ben Norton SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA – Contributors to The Grayzone including Max Blumenthal, Anya Parampil, and Ben Norton traveled from the United States to Bolivia in...
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2020 Oct 13 - 7:43am
The Grayzone obtained audio of a call in which Roger Waters confronted Amnesty leadership over efforts by Syria regime-change operatives – including its own staff –  to sabotage an Amazon Watch webinar on Chevron’s pollution of Ecuador. The campaign manager of Amnesty International UK, Kristyan Benedict, appears to have removed an Amnesty International tweet announcing an Amazon Watch webinar to raise awareness both of Chevron’s...
Tags: Syria, Amnesty, Amnesty International, Amnesty UK, Bellingcat, Caesar Civilian Protection Act
2020 Oct 13 - 2:54am
El ex diplomático ecuatoriano que le dio asilo político a Julian Assange informa sobre la audiencia de extradición del periodista de WikiLeaks, y explica por qué es “el caso más importante contra la libertad de expresión de toda una generación”. Por Fidel Narváez Read this article in English here. Nota del editor: Fidel Narváez fue el consul de Ecuador en el Reino Unido entre 2010 y 2018. Ayudó a darle el asilo político a Julian Assange, y se...
Tags: Español, Julian Assange, Craig Murray, daniel ellsberg, Fidel Narvaez, jueza Vanessa Baraitser
2020 Oct 13 - 2:08am
The Ecuadorian diplomat who gave Julian Assange political asylum reports from the extradition hearing against the WikiLeaks journalist, and explains why it is “the most important case against the freedom of expression in an entire generation.” By Fidel Narváez Translated by Ben Norton Puedes leer este artículo en español aquí. Editor’s note: Fidel Narváez served as Ecuador’s consul in the UK from 2010 until July 2018. He...
Tags: Julian Assange, Clive Stafford Smith, Ecuador, Fidel Narvaez, Guantánamo, Noam Chomsky