Electronic Intifada

2020 Feb 18 - 7:03am
These martial artists build strength and self-confidence through sport.
Tags: Video, karate, disability, Hasan al-Rai, Mumen al-Bitar, Muhammad al-Mahani
2020 Feb 18 - 5:15am
How Israel and its supporters ensured a one-state reality.
Tags: Ian S. Lustick, two-state solution, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Holocaust, Israel lobby, bds
2020 Feb 15 - 3:21am
Berlin intervenes in International Criminal Court to back impunity for Israel.
Tags: Germany, HeidelbergCement, war crimes, Intl Criminal Court, quarries, Nahal Raba quarry
2020 Feb 13 - 11:52pm
New anti-racism group founded by war criminals completely ignores bigotry against Palestinians.
Tags: Israel Ziv, Israelis Against Racism, South Sudan, Hill and Knowlton, Arms Trade, Amir Eshel
2020 Feb 13 - 10:22pm
A Nakba survivor in Gaza looks at her land across the boundary and remembers life there.
Tags: Dimra, Beit Hanoun, Khadra Muhammad Hasan al-Zuwaidi, Erez Kibbutz
2020 Feb 13 - 4:18pm
Faced with a disinterested world, Palestinians need to accommodate to the next stage of their struggle
Tags: Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority, Trump plan, Ultimate Deal, donald trump, Saeb Erekat
2020 Feb 13 - 3:48pm
Survey suggests three quarters of membership should be expelled according to witch hunt logic.
Tags: Labour witch hunt, Labour Party, jeremy corbyn, Michael Ashcroft, polls, momentum
2020 Feb 13 - 4:03am
AIPAC apologizes for ad smearing Democrats as anti-Semites.
Tags: Bernie Sanders, donald trump, The New York Times, Frank Bruni, new hampshire, Iowa