2020 May 28 - 4:05pm
For three quarters of a century, an Anglo-Saxon colony, now a US arsenal, has been trying to conquer all the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and part of Iraq). And for some years now, citizens of this same colony have been aspiring to transform it into a normal state. This conflict of another age has reached a stage with the appointment of a bicephalous government:...
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2020 May 28 - 3:59pm
The anti-migration policies carried out by Matteo Salvini were legal, but the Italian justice still chose to attack them, according to a WhatsApp conversation between magistrates, disclosed in the press. The former Italian Minister of the Interior, Salvini, had repeatedly accused Italian justice of failing in its duty of impartiality on the migration question. And his concerns have now been vindicated.
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2020 May 28 - 3:53pm
Regular visitors to this site will be aware that I frequently write about the massive propaganda campaign being run by supporters of Israel to conceal the damage done by the Jewish state to actual United States’ interests. One of the more interesting aspects of that effort is the bowdlerization of language to extirpate some words that might have anti-Semitic overtones and to twist the meaning of others in such a...
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2020 May 28 - 3:47pm
The Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar during his visit to a Turkish naval base, spoke of "harassment in the Aegean" in recent days, which he described as a "very serious challenge", adding that he could not "explain them". “Despite our efforts, patience and neighbourly intentions, I cannot explain the harassment in the Aegean in recent days. They are a very serious challenge […] We are making efforts to...
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2020 May 27 - 10:12pm
Leaked phone calls between Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko explicitly detail the quid-pro-quo arrangement to fire former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin - who Poroshenko admits did nothing wrong - in exchange for $1 billion in US loan guarantees (which Biden openly bragged about in January, 2018
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2020 May 27 - 10:06pm
In Owosso, Michigan, USA, a 77-year-old barber named Karl Manke has taken on the might of the state of Michigan, by opening his barber shop in defiance of “laws” made by the state government. He’s been suppressed. But he’s gathering support: https://eu.detroitnews.com/story/business/2020/05/18/owosso-barber-calls-all-business-owners-open-up/5214002002/
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2020 May 27 - 10:03pm
The latest turn in an increasingly dull coverage of the Coronavirus panic is a proposed reopening of the schools. The Government wants them open as soon as possible for at least some of their students.
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2020 May 27 - 10:00pm
In recent post on the LRC blog, Michael S Rozeff has attempted to demonstrate that pro-freedom arguments made in terms of self-ownership, private property, or the non-aggression principle are ill-equipped to handle a problem such as a contagious virus.
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2020 May 27 - 9:55pm
The US White House has appointed a coronavirus “Vaccine Czar” from Big Pharma to oversee something dubbed Operation Warp Speed. The goal is to create and produce 300 million doses of a new vaccine to supposedly immunize the entire US population by year-end against COVID-19. To be sure that Big Pharma companies give their all to the medical Manhattan Project, they have been fully indemnified by the US government...
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2020 May 27 - 9:52pm
In the "humanitarian superpower" Sweden, the management of the Covid-19 pandemic by public health authorities has defied the most basic sense of medical ethics. At least 90 percent of the total Covid-19 deaths in Sweden are people aged 70 and older, and that half of these occurred in nursing homes. Several municipalities in Södermanland County on the southeast coast of Sweden, claim that they do not know how...
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2020 May 27 - 9:48pm
In Latin America, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths from related diseases is growing rapidly. The coffins are laid on top of each other, the medicine is weak. Latin America eased restrictions too early and now began to sob. Ana de Lemos, the head of the Doctors Without Borders unit in Brazil, said that in Latin America, morbidity and mortality rates have been breaking records in recent weeks. Der Spiegel...
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2020 May 27 - 9:40pm
The non-governmental organization Alto al Secuestro (No Abductions) revealed an unexpected plus of quarantine. Self-isolation deprived of work ... kidnappers. “The authorities should not weaken vigilance,” NGO representatives said. In March, 120 children were abducted throughout Mexico, and after the introduction of the emergency and quarantine regimes, only 99. NGOs noted that the activity of the abductors had...
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