2020 Feb 15 - 6:59pm
The exodus of migrants from Libya continues. Once again it is Alarm Phone, which deals with reporting vessels in difficulty in the Mediterranean, that sounded the alarm: in the last three days almost 800 people have fled Libya.
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2020 Feb 15 - 6:55pm
It scarcely needs saying that, to listen to the liberal-leftist claptrap gushing from outfits such as The Guardian, one would think that Britain (and the predominantly white, Western world generally) is a hotbed of racism and xenophobia.
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2020 Feb 15 - 6:52pm
According to the AFP news agency, Nehammer said: “More and more people are coming. More and more are making their way across the Mediterranean and more and more people are drowning. We have to keep our line very consistently.”
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2020 Feb 15 - 6:36pm
Within little more than a year everyone imaginable seems to have jumped on the bandwagon of the new green agenda of radical measures to “stop” climate change. Now the bastion of corporate economic globalization, the Swiss Davos World Economic Forum, has made its main theme this year, “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World,” with major focus on such notions as “How to Save the Planet.” Of course,...
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2020 Feb 14 - 10:49pm
His wife, a hero of sorts only in the TV series “Suits,” had hightailed it to Canada, leaving Harry Windsor, formerly known as Prince Harry, to deliver a concession speech. Make no mistake—no matter the moola they rake in, Harry and Meghan Markle have been sorely defeated and deflated.
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2020 Feb 14 - 10:45pm
Prior to the impeachment of Trump, not by Congress as presstitutes report but by self-interested House Democrats, during the entirety of US history there have been onl
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2020 Feb 14 - 10:41pm
At just a time when the world holds its collective breath over risk of a World War over the US assassination of Iran’s leading general and other provocations, Israel has chosen to sign a natural gas pipeline deal with Greece and Cyprus that is the equivalent of tossing a loaded hand grenade into the hyper-tense region .  
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2020 Feb 14 - 10:38pm
A Denver Post columnist says he was fired after disputing the idea that there are more than two sexes. Jon Caldara, president of the libertarian Independence Institute, announced that he has been fired from the Post, chalking it up to "a difference in style" that his editors found "too insensitive."
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2020 Feb 14 - 10:30pm
The AFP news agency reported that the demonstrators were calling for the immediate expulsion of asylum seekers from the islands. There were also work stoppages. According to the BBC, in addition to the strikes in the public service, numerous shops, pharmacies and petrol stations remained closed. By midday, thousands had gathered on the streets of Lesbos and Samos.
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2020 Feb 14 - 10:27pm
The French administration was caught red-handed: They will have admit to the real figures of immigration, because according to information from CheckNews, Eurostat recently contacted the French authorities to inform them that, for several years, they had been providing the European statistical office with distorted data on the number of people filing a request for asylum in France.
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2020 Feb 14 - 12:39am
A government, whatever its nature, rules as an imperial power over its people. The surest way to exercise this control is to prop up the illusion that it acts in the public interest. Paul Craig Roberts and Alvin Rabushka spelled out this salient fact in the March 1973 issue of Public Choice, in their article “A Diagrammatic Exposition of an Economic Theory of Imperialism,” and what they wrote is no less relevant...
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2020 Feb 14 - 12:35am
World War II is often referred to as the “Good War,” a morally clear-cut conflict between good and evil.1 The “Good War” is also claimed to have led to a good peace. After a period of adjustment, the United States generously adopted the Marshall Plan and put Germany back on her feet. Germany with the help of the Allies soon became a prosperous democracy which took her place among the family of good nations.
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