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2020 Feb 18 - 3:43pm
Fairway shows how private equity ruined a successful and much loved business.
Tags: Private equity, Ridiculously obvious scams
2020 Feb 18 - 4:25am
How locusts swarm, create food insecurity, and how climate change means more swarms, absent state intervention.
Tags: Africa, Environment, Global Warming, Guest Post
2020 Feb 18 - 2:00am
By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Patient readers, Mac is turning into Windows. I foolishly let my battery run out, and so had to reboot. When I did, my mouse did not work for some reason. Hence, when Apple put up a dialog asking me whether I wanted to upgrade or not, I tabbed to the […]
Tags: Water Cooler
2020 Feb 17 - 6:55pm
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2020 Feb 17 - 5:55pm
Several European central banks have begun assessing the impact of adverse climate scenarios on banks’ capital. Comparable work at EU or euro area level has evolved more slowly. Supervisors need build up a distinct and more complex type of analysis, and should engage with banks now.
Tags: Banking industry, Global Warming, Globalization, Guest Post
2020 Feb 17 - 2:00pm
How coronavirus is destabilizing China.
Tags: Guest Post
2020 Feb 17 - 12:40pm
We have already surpassed the known limits to growth, so degrowth is our only option.
Tags: Doomsday scenarios, Economic fundamentals, Environment, Global Warming, Guest Post, Social policy
2020 Feb 16 - 6:55pm
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2020 Feb 16 - 2:20pm
How hidden foreign exchange swaps contribute to financial fragility.
Tags: Banking industry, Credit markets, Currencies, Derivatives, Doomsday scenarios, Dubious statistics