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2020 Jul 27 - 2:33pm
Another look at deaths of despair confirms the danger of job loss and even too-early retirement.
Tags: Auto industry, China, Doomsday scenarios, Economic fundamentals, Globalization, Health Care
2020 Jul 27 - 12:55pm
The new regime in Turkey is a form of the predator state, acting as a cookiecutter shark, feeding on its prey and not killing it outright.
Tags: Banana republic, Economic fundamentals, Europe, Guest Post, infrastructure, Ridiculously obvious scams
2020 Jul 27 - 12:23pm
Why the dollar is not losing its privileged status any time soon.
Tags: China, Currencies, Europe, Globalization, Guest Post, pandemic
2020 Jul 26 - 5:55pm
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2020 Jul 26 - 5:25pm
Birds continue to fly, according to new information released by the British Trust for Ornithology, untrammelled by COVID-19.
Tags: Curiousities, Globalization, Guest Post, pandemic
2020 Jul 26 - 3:55pm
Portland protests continue and judge refuse to issue a temprary restraining order against action undertaken by federal agencies.
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2020 Jul 25 - 5:55pm
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2020 Jul 25 - 3:50pm
Liberal elites see mass movements as endangering their 'educated and wise leadership’. Populism and anti-populism has deep roots in American history.
Tags: Banana republic, Free markets and their discontents, Guest Post, Income disparity, junktag (ignore), Social policy
2020 Jul 25 - 1:00am
COVID charts for the five problem states, smaller states, and the world ~ Biden trolls health care ~ Trump losing Iowa, Florida, donors ~ The War Party ~ 2016 is Year Zero ~ Rejected absentee ballots ~ Leading indicators, housing, rail ~ Vaccines ~ 1619 Project ~ Cake ~ What is an individual?
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2020 Jul 24 - 5:55pm
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