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2020 Feb 18 - 12:58pm
A note of fraternal tension has been registered between the United Kingdom and Australia.  It began with Britain’s decision to permit China’s technology giant Huawei a role in the construction of the country’s 5G network.  While the decision is qualified to non-core functions, as UK officials term it, the irritations […]
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2020 Feb 17 - 8:36pm
The External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar chose the annual Munich Security Conference (February 14-16) as the forum to espouse a world order characterised by nationalism that is legally legitimate, constructive and vocal. It was intended probably as an optimal diplomatic outreach to burnish the image of India’s Hindu nationalist government […]
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2020 Feb 17 - 12:52pm
Interfering, corrupting and altering the views of electors is apparently frowned upon. But it all depends on who that manipulating source is. The Russians might be condemned for being meddlers of minds in the US electorate, but an American billionaire who hires battalions of influencing agents to get his word […]
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2020 Feb 16 - 2:27pm
Fr. Georges Florovsky did far more than forge a path back to the fathers for the Orthodox Church: he also mapped a route for the return of Western Christianity to its own Orthodox roots. Discussing the modern encounter of Orthodoxy with the churches of the West, he wrote: A historiosophical […]
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2020 Feb 16 - 12:06am
The US Senate, long the lap dog of the man who would be king, President Donald Trump, appears to have finally remembered its proper constitutional role. Last week, the Senate voted 55/45 for a new bipartisan War Powers Act to constrain military action against Iran. The Congress voted a similar […]
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2020 Feb 15 - 1:14pm
Entering Singapore’s Changi Airport gives the visitor a glimpse of a mask fetish.  Security guards wear it.  As do the nurses and the various personnel who man cameras like anti-aircraft batteries, noting the approaching passenger in transit with due suspicion.  The passenger, in turn, wishes to avoid showing anything that […]
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2020 Feb 14 - 8:12pm
Part I The negotiations, the Washington talks and the Oslo Accords    During the First Gulf War in 1991, the Palestinians and their national organization the PLO opposed the US-led attack on Iraq. After this war, the PLO became diplomatically isolated and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia stopped to finance it […]
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2020 Feb 14 - 12:50pm
The US has the right to voice its concerns — whether real, fake, or exaggerated — about the Philippines’ war on drugs, but targeting the officials responsible for it as a means of coercing the government to reconsider its course of action is troubling because it reminds the country of […]
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2020 Feb 13 - 8:21pm
Authoritarian responses, with the gloved heavy hand, will always find its admirers.  The reaction by Chinese authorities to the novel coronavirus (now named COVID-19) outbreak has been receiving its fair share of gushing praise from some medical circles.  No country builds hospitals as quickly as they do; or seal off […]
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2020 Feb 13 - 12:54pm
President Trump termed it as “Deal of the Century”, but was rejected immediately as it is irrational and based on injustice. The Peace Plan was prepared after close consultations with Israel and ignoring the Palestinians. The plan was authored by a team led by Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared […]
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2020 Feb 12 - 8:53pm
The Deal of the Century proposed by acting US President Donald Trump once again opened a Pandora Box of the Israeli-Palestinian relations in the Middle East.[i] It is very rational to predict that the Palestinian answer to the Deal of the Century is going to be in the form of […]
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2020 Feb 12 - 12:52pm
The Russian reaction to Turkey’s latest military moves in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib has appeared in the form of a lengthy interview with the government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on February 4, which has since been followed by a formal statement by the foreign […]
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