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2020 Oct 24 - 3:35am
The United States is set to formally exit the Paris Agreement on Nov. 4—one day after the presidential election, which is widely seen as one of the most contentious in recent US history, and will have consequences for the global effort to combat the climate emergency.  On June 1, 2017, at a Rose Garden ceremony, President Donald Trump made his intentions known to pull the United States from the Paris Agreement—a nonbinding...
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2020 Oct 24 - 1:15am
Burn It Down with Kim Brown – airing live on 10/23/2020. As YouTube restricts embedding for new channels, please click over to the YouTube link below. Trump and Biden traded blows over each other’s character, and what they would do for the country. Our panel discusses the final 2020 presidential debate, along with the recent developments in the fight against voter suppression. The post Who is...
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2020 Oct 23 - 2:58am
Transcript will be provided soon. The post COVID-19 is raging in prisons. Why are America’s aging political prisoners still behind bars? appeared first on The Real News Network.
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2020 Oct 23 - 12:27am
On Oct. 22, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are scheduled to square off for the second and final presidential candidates debate. Moderated by NBC News’ Kristen Welker, the debate will feature six 15-minute sections devoted to COVID-19, families, race in America, climate change, national security, and leadership. The debate, which takes place just 12 days before voting ends on Nov. 3, will begin at 9 p.m. EST and will be streamed at the link below...
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2020 Oct 22 - 4:22am
The post ‘Fake news’ and what’s missing from the presidential debates appeared first on The Real News Network.
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2020 Oct 21 - 1:40am
Evictions are happening all across the United States, and COVID-19 has only made it worse. We look at the data surrounding evictions and what people are doing to solve this crisis. We also talk about the recent Bolivian elections. The post The eviction crisis is making surviving the pandemic harder. Here’s how we fight back. appeared first on The Real News Network.
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2020 Oct 20 - 2:37am
When Baltimore City Schools announced last week that 25 schools will reopen next month to increase in-person instruction for high need students, officials promised it could be done safely and with transparency.  The district has received little guidance from state or federal authorities on how to reopen safely, and teachers, who will be required to return to the classroom, say they were blindsided by the announcement. They are now...
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2020 Oct 17 - 5:16am
The post Federal judge certifies class-action suit against US Treasury for not providing prisoners stimulus checks appeared first on The Real News Network.
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2020 Oct 17 - 3:30am
We’ve launched a new YouTube channel for this show and for the time being, we can’t embed a livestream on our site. Please click here to watch the show. Click here to subscribe to the “Burn it Down with Kim Brown” YouTube channel. In our final First Nations Friday, we discuss the ongoing protests at Trump’s U.S./Mexico border wall, where Indigenous communities call for an end to colonial borders with our guests...
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2020 Oct 16 - 9:08pm
The post The arrest of a cop watcher shows injustice is the American way appeared first on The Real News Network.
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2020 Oct 15 - 3:57am
Over the passionate objections of many teachers, parents, and students, Baltimore City Schools announced on Oct. 14 that they are pressing ahead with a plan to increase in-person instruction for high need students starting in November. This in-person instruction would be held at 25 of the district’s 161 schools. Students can return on a voluntary basis, but teachers will be required to return to the classroom. Baltimore Teachers Union...
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2020 Oct 15 - 1:59am
The post TRNN talks to Kentucky lawmaker Attica Scott, who was arrested at a protest for Breonna Taylor appeared first on The Real News Network.
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