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2020 May 27 - 10:00pm
Inspector Gregory: Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention? Sherlock Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time. Sherlock Holmes: That was the curious incident. “The Adventure of Silver Blaze” – By Arthur Conan Doyle Another curious silence now suffices the entire world: An entire species of supposedly fearsome and reassuring international...
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2020 May 27 - 9:00pm
Ron PAUL One of the few good things to come out of the government-mandated shutdown is that many parents have started homeschooling their children. Many of these parents are likely to continue homeschooling after the government schools reopen. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did its part to encourage homeschooling when it unveiled “guidelines” for schools to follow when they reopen. Among the CDC’s guidelines are...
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2020 May 27 - 8:00pm
Just like in 2016 when WikiLeaks revealed that the DNC was feeding Hillary Clinton debate questions, 2020 will be no different with the Democrats employing every dirty trick in the book to oust Donald Trump from office. Following on the backs of Russiagate, Impeachment, and now mass-media hysteria over Coronavirus, which of course has dealt Trump a major blow with regards to his hopes for reelection in November, is there anyone still not...
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2020 May 27 - 7:00pm
Michael TENNANT President Donald Trump’s May 6 veto of a Senate resolution that would have required him to seek congressional approval for any further military confrontations with Iran demonstrates that, despite his occasional feints toward scaling back foreign intervention, Trump is as much a warmonger as anyone else in Washington. Worse still, his explanation for his veto indicates that he believes presidents have unlimited authority to launch...
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2020 May 27 - 6:00pm
Another one bites the dust. In less two years, President Donald Trump has now binned three major arms-control treaties – quite a record for undermining decades of international security architecture. First there was the nuclear accord with Iran (2018), then the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty (2019), and now the Open Skies Treaty. There is growing concern that the Trump administration will let the last-remaining arms-control treaty fall...
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2020 May 27 - 2:00am
The Covid-19 pandemic may have permanently changed the way diplomacy is conducted. Diplomacy has traditionally relied on physical contact in both formal and informal settings. Physical diplomacy has included the presentation of credentials of accreditation by ambassadors to heads of state; participation in global summits and bilateral, trilateral, quadrilateral, etc. meetings; diplomatic receptions, and so on. In the era of Covid, virtual...
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2020 May 27 - 1:00am
Thomas KLIKAUER, Nadine CAMPBELL Where there are conspiracy theories, German Neo-Nazis are never far away. Indeed, the Corona pandemic is a welcoming vehicle for German Neo-Nazi to broadcast their ideology and to recruit new members. The belief in conspiratorial forces behind the 2020 Corona crisis isn’t just nonsense; it is a dangerous symptom of democratic societies’ plight to be exploited by its enemies. It almost seems as if it expresses...
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2020 May 27 - 12:34am
Is it the Chinese who were at ground zero when the Covid-19 pandemic started? Or is it America’s inability to show leadership in handling the crisis now?
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2020 May 27 (All day)
The Democrat Party’s GOTV (Get Out the Vote) program relies on labor unions and the NGO sector. Those who organized these directly as this writer has, or those who have been on the receiving end of it, will understand how this zeal, backed by the force of law under the auspices of Contact Tracers/Compliance Officers, will change the electoral outcome. Contact Tracers are Compliance Officers Backed by Police and Operating under Governor’s Orders...
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2020 May 26 - 11:00pm
The War Nerd dissects reporting on Saudi Arabia to show how the corporate media cares more about a dead Washington Post columnist than a quarter of a million Yemenis killed in a Western-backed war. Gary BRECHER The headline here is not a joke, unfortunately. It’s a question you can’t help asking if you’ve followed the war in Yemen. You probably noticed that on Radio War Nerd we’ve pointed out over and over that some wartime deaths get a whole...
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2020 May 26 - 10:12pm
Here is a quotation that might sound familiar: “I’m the commander, I do not need to explain why I say things. That’s the interesting thing about being the President. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don’t feel like I owe anybody an explanation.” It is understandable when people say they think these words were spoken by Donald Trump, but in fact they were said by George W. Bush and published in...
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2020 May 26 - 1:00am
Amidst the global chaos and confusion unleashed by COVID-19, the need for a new global security and financial architecture is becoming clearer every day. Banks tremble upon the precipice of the greatest financial meltdown in history while radical forces of the Anglo-American elite knowing only how to think in terms of “balance of power” geopolitics gear up for war with Russia and China. The scale of chaos and death threatening humanity via the...
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